Compression Packings

At Masterpac, we offers a complete line of high performance packing for pumps, valves, and other rotating equipments. Also offer packing for special purpose applications e.g. Gore® GFO® Packing, and so on.

PTFE Packing - MP 4158

Masterpac MP 4158 is a pure PTFE fiber yarn heavily impregnated with aramid fiber at each corners. This latter improves both the adjustability and the lubrication while reducing shaft wear. MP 4158  is being recommended for many applications including rotary and reciprocating pumps, mixers, blenders, agitators, valves amongst others.

Ramie Packing - MP 1890F

Masterpac MP 1890F is a long ramie fiber braided square and throughly impregnated with mineral grease plus PTFE to make the packing pliable and resilient. MP 1890F is typically used in reciprocating pumps, valves, and plungers in order to seal hot and cold water. It is ideally suitable for marine use.

Synthetic Packing - MP 1900

Masterpac MP 1900 made from polyacrylonitrile filament lattice braided and fully blocked with PTFE. This packing has high strength and impact resistance. It is an ideally replacement for asbestos and typically used in valves and pumps, centrifugal, and reciprocating.

Kevlar Packing - MP 4168

Masterpac MP 4168 is a unique packing which has the strength of Kevlar and the excellent running qualities of GFO. MP 4168 is built to resist extrusion at elevated pressures, with minimal shaft wear. It is highly recommended for digester pumps, chemical pumps, mixers, slurry pumps, particularly suitable for pulp and paper, and sugar industry.

Kevlar Packing - MP 4188

This unique packing has the strength of Kevlar aramid fiber yarn heavily impregnated with PTFE and saturated with insert lubricant. Masterpac MP 4188 is recommended for extreme applications on reciprocating pumps that handle highly abrasive slurries or aggressive chemical solutions in the mineral, pulp and paper, waste water and chemical processing industries.