Tovo® Rubber & Silicone

Since 1973, Tovo Gomma Spa has been working in the elastomers sector, handling the design and manufacture of rubber compounds, vulcanised sheets and foams. By focusing on 3 business  pillars i.e. expertise, efficiency and R&D, these  are the strengths enabling Tovo Gomma Spa to offer a full range of products to the World and fulfill every customer's requirement in different industrial sectors.

Industrial Rubber Sheets

Tovo Gomma Spa specialises in the production of continuous vulcanised rubber sheets (using the Rotocure system), with formulations based on different polymers. The range of sheets manufactured by Tovo Gomma include black or coloured sheets, with or without textile inserts, in nylon or polyester. At Masterpac, we import Tovo rubber sheets directly  from Tovo factory in Italy  and stock  different types  of polymer including black smoothed NBR, EPDM, CR and  FKM (Viton) which are ready to  cut by our CNC machine.

Foodgrade Rubber Sheets

Since the FDA has strict standards in place for the types of materials that can come in contact with consumables, the materials used to make foodgrade rubber must be officially approved by the FDA. In order to comply with this regulation,  Masterpac stocks Tovo white NBR and white EPDM foodgrade rubber sheets to support this requirement especially for customers who are in food, beverage, and  pharmaceutical  industry.

Transparent Silicone Sheet

The silicone range of rubbers offer excellent high and low temperature properties, far superior to any other grades. It has good resistance to hot air and unaffected by sunlight and ozone. With these benefits, Masterpac keeps transparent silicone sheet branded Tovo for this matter in order to fulfill every customer needs.